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The truth about StarForce drivers

StarForce Drivers Removal

StarForce Drivers Removal

The famous protection solution developer, StarForce, has granted a sole right to distribute the StarForce Removal Tool utility to Thus, all users of licensed software protected by StarForce are welcome to freely download StarForce Removal Tool from Note though that all cases of unauthorized distribution of StarForce Removal Tool (sfdrvrem.exe) itself, be it .EXE file or the utility archive (.ZIP, .RAR, etc.), are considered as infringement of the copyright. For authorization, please contact StarForce at . As a web page owner, you are welcome to provide your visitors with a link to this page.

Please, note that the StarForce Removal Tool utility  (sfdrvrem.exe) is regularly updated to support the latest version of the StarForce protection drivers. You can find the latest version of the StarForce Removal Tool utility here.

The truth about StarForce drivers


Why are drivers installed on my PC?

Some versions of StarForce Copy Protection will install dedicated drivers on your PC. Those drivers are necessary for the StarForce specific CD/DVD checking procedure, only. They do not include any hidden functionality. The drivers are active only at execution of the protected application. StarForce constantly improves their drivers to keep them compatible with the latest versions of Windows operating systems.

How to remove all StarForce components from your PC:

Sometimes the un-installation utility of the protected application does not uninstall all StarForce drivers. The following procedure will ensure that all StarForce related components are completely removed from your system.

  • Download the StarForce Removal Tool as a ZIP archive.
  • Extract and store sfdrvrem.exe anywhere on your hard disk.
  • Run sfdrvrem.exe.

If the protected application requires a StarForce driver, this driver will be re-installed as soon as you launch the application again. For further help, please contact the helpdesk of the application publisher.

StarForce drivers. FAQ

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