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Security software from Retina-X Studios, LLC

Net Spy Pro

Net Spy Pro is the ultimate combination network monitoring and remote control software tool. Net Spy Pro monitors activity on your network such as keystrokes, web sites visited and more. The same interface also remotely controls vital client PC functions such as viewing a PCs current desktop, sending a message to a PC, application launching and more. Net Spy Pro even allows you to take complete control of any PC using your keyboard and mouse!

Developer: Retina-X Studios, LLC

Download (2249 K)
Released: 2006-11-11
Language: English
Platform: Win98,WinXP,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003
Price: 49 $
Requirements: Pentium or Better Class PC, 32MB RAM, TCP/IP Network

AceSpy Spy Software

AceSpy Spy Software makes it easy for you to accurately monitor and block the activities of others using your PC. AceSpy secretly monitors all activity while it is completely hidden from others. AceSpy records and instantly forwards you each email sent or received and BOTH sides of chat conversations. Also records web sites visited, keystrokes, passwords typed and MORE. AceSpy also takes screenshots and features easy log delivery via email.

Developer: Retina-X Studios, LLC

Download (2241 K)
Released: 2006-10-12
Language: English
Platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003
Price: 34 $
Requirements: 400mhz+ 64MB ram, 10MB hard disk

Net Orbit

Do you suspect employee or student network abuse? Increase productivity by supervising your entire network. Watch employee or student screens simultaneously. Visually pinpoint problem individuals with ease. Send users a message, lock their PC or take FULL control with your mouse and keyboard. Perform various admin commands such as Lock, Reboot or Shut Down PC's. Commands can be performed on some or all workstations. Get their attention fast!

Developer: Retina-X Studios, LLC

Download (2525 K)
Released: 2006-12-10
Language: English
Platform: Win98,WinXP,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003
Price: 59 $
Requirements: Intel or AMD 433mhz or Better, 64MB RAM, TCP/IP Network


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- ZIP File

- Worm

- Windows Scripting

- Warm Boot

- Virus Hoaxes

- Virus

- Variant

- Vaccination


- Tunneling

- Trojan Horse Program

- Triggered Event

- Timestamp

- Time Bomb


- System Boot Record

- Stealth Virus

- Sparse Infector

- Sniffer

- Slow Infector

- Signature

- Shareware

- Shared Drive

- Self-garbling Viruses

- Self-extracting Files

- Self-encrypting Virus

- Sector Viruses

- Scanner


- Resident Virus

- Replication

- Redirect

- Real-time Scanner

- RTF File

- Program Infector

- Polymorphic Virus

- Piggyback

- Payload

- Password Sniffing

- Password Attacks


- Overwriting Virus

- Operating System

- On-demand Scanner

- On-access Scanner

- Not In The Wild


- Mutating Virus

- Mutant

- Multipartite Virus

- Memory-resident Virus

- Master Boot Sector Virus

- Master Boot Sector

- Master Boot Record

- Malware

- Malicious Code

- Macro Virus

- Macro


- MP3 File


- Logic Bomb

- Library File

- Key

- Joke Programs

- JavaScript

- Infection

- Host

- Hole

- Hijacking

- Heuristic Analysis

- Firewall

- File Viruses


- Encryption

- Encrypted Virus

- EXE file

- Dropper

- Disinfection

- Direct Action Virus

- Denial Of Service (DoS)


- Cookie

- Companion Virus

- Cold Boot

- Cluster Virus

- Checksum

- Boot Sector Infector

- Boot Sector

- Boot Record

- Boot

- Batch files

- Backup

- Background Task

- Background Scanning

- Back Door


- Antivirus Virus

- Anti-virus Software

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